Colleges in Kukas

There are plenty of Engineering colleges and Fashion design institutes in Kukas.

Some of the well known colleges that are ust walking distance from our hotel are:

Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology 1 minute walk
Arya College 1 minute walk
Jaipur Engineering College 1 minute walk
Pearl Academy of Fashion 1 minute walk
Shankara Institute of Technology 1 minute walk
Gyan Vih Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology 1 minute walk

There are other colleges that are easily accessible from our Jaipur Hotel which are:

JECRC collegeof UDML engineering 6 km
Maharaj Vinayak Global University 6 Km
Amity University 20 km
Nims Hospital and Education Campus 20 km
SMS Medical College 20.0 km/12.4 miles
Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering & Technology 30.0 km/18.6 miles
Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre 35.0 km/21.8 miles
Mahatma Jyoti Rao phoole University Kant Kalwar 19 Km
PRATAP UNIVERSITY chandwaji 20 km

SMS Hospital 20.0 km/12.4 miles
Soni Hospitals 23.0 km/14.3 miles
Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre 25.0 km/15.5 miles
Jaipur Calgary Eye Hospital 25.0 km/15.5 miles
Fortis Escorts Hospital 27.0 km/16.8 miles
Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Medical Sciences 33.0 km/20.5 miles
International Centre for Enviroment Audit and sustainable Development Kant Kalwar 20 km .



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