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Activities in Kukas

There are many activities in Kukas in and around our hotel. Here are some of the things to do in Kukas and Jaipur

The Amber Sound & Light Show, Kesar Kyari Complex, Amber, Jaipur
Visting Hathi Gaon
Nahargarh Rescue Center and Safari park
Hot air balloon Safari Jaipur
Visit to Dera Amber the valley camp of Kukas

The Amber Sound and Light Show, Kesar Kyari Complex, Amber, Jaipur

Language & Current Timings (w.e.f.21.04.2013 onwards)
English 7.30pm
Hindi 8.30pm

Script Mr. Gulzar
Lead Voice Mr. Amitabh Bachchan
Project Director Mr. Mukesh Bhargava
Music Mr. Bhavdeep Jaipurwale
Lead Singers Ustad Sultan Khan, Ms. Shubha Mudgal
Lighting Design & Direction Mr. Manav Bhargava (M/s Mandala)
Show Programming Mr. Veenu Pasricha
Logistics & Design M/s Mandala
Conceived & mounted on PPP basis M/s Integrated Digital Solutions Private Limited, in partnership with Amber Development & Management Authority
Operations & Maintenance M/s Integrated Digital Solutions Private Limited

Amber Fort & Palace Complex, in Jaipur, holds the history of a citadel, pulsating with a legendry past of 600 years & 28 kings of the Kachhwaha dynasty, before their capital moved to Jaipur. Through their unique diplomacy of strategic alliances & their valor & strength, the rulers not only established a long dynasty but, in time, also played a part in changing the destiny of Medieval India. A new son-et-lumiere has been launched at Amber Fort, Jaipur. Through this Son-et- lumiere spectacle, an attempt has been made to revive the pride of Amber, bring forth the traditions that coloured the lives of its people, the pomp that once existed in its fullest form and to end the silence that had long fallen. The spirit of Amber is eternal. This musical extravaganza has highlighted the local legends, folklore, and a connoisseur of folk music that continues to give Rajasthan its unique identity. The show has been set in a very exotic location, with the giant panoramic view of the Amber Fort & Palace Complex in the front, the rising Jaigarh on the left, the hills at the back and the gallery itself in the Kesar Kiyari Complex of Maota lake.

Visting Hathi Gaon
Hathi gaon ( Elephant village ) is a small village that was set up by the government in 2010 to give proper shelter and water facilities to all the families and their elephants that served tourists in and around Amer Fort during the day. A km from the junction where Jaipur-Delhi Highway and Amer Road meet. (see the map below)

Along with all the homes and shelters for the elephants there are big man-made ponds in the village designed specifically for elephants to relax and bathe in it after a long hard days work. People can visit the place and enjoy the sight of many elephants playing and bathing in open which is a rare sight in this part of India.

Its a perfect get away from the city kind of place for all the city dwellers. Families with children can spend sometime in the cool breeze and greenery all around with elephants entertaining themselves and their visitors. It's a photographers paradise as i think elephants are one of the best animals to photograph. Best time to visit is Evenings after 4pm.
Ideally, summer is the best season to visit the place as the probability to get to see lot of elephants bathing together is more during this season. However, I would advise one to visit the place in any season.
Old Jaipurites might remember watching elephants bathe in the ponds in front of the Amer Fort. Well, that's the thing of the past now. The government invested more than Rs. 5 crore in building this village from scratch so the elephants can bathe in their own backyard.

Nahargarh Rescue Center and Safari Park
Nahargarh Rescue Center is located outside the city area of Jaipur.
There are more than 20 lion's and Tiger's in the rescue station and all of them are from the Circus or either got free from the people mistreating them. The forest area can be traveled on foot or car.

Hot air Balloon Safari
The world famous 'Pink City' is favoured equally for its vibrancy as well as its arresting monuments. Be mesmerised by the city as you fly over and absorb its riotous cocktail of Colours, Forts & Palaces.
The most acknowledged tourist place of India, Jaipur is fondly called the Pink City. A complete feast for the tourists, the city is known for its monuments, comfortable and luxurious hotels, rich history, gardens, exquisite cuisines, havelis, forts and a lot more. The description is endless, words always fall short to describe the beauty and explicit nature of city. Known for its Royal Rajput culture, Jaipur is also one of the most beautifully planned cities of it's time. Truly - a paradise on earth.

Flight Location: JAIPUR
Sep - Nov: 6.15 am / 4.00 pm (evening)
Dec - Feb: 6.45 am / 4.00 pm (evening)
March : 6.45 am / No flights in evening due to heat

Price for Baloon Safari: USD 250 per person
The above mentioned price is per person per flight, inclusive of the following services:
Approximately 60 minutes of a balloon flight
Pick-up and drop from/to the Hotel
Exhilarating sight of balloons being inflated and prepared
Tea/coffee & cookies at the launch site
Certificate of First Flight, duly signed by your pilot
All applicable taxes

Launch Sites
Samode Bagh & Palace
Amer Fort
Shiv Vilas
Jal Mahal
Delhi Road
Madhogarh Fort
or Others depending upon wind conditions

Visit to Dera Amber the valley camp of "Kukas"
Dera Amer situated behind the hills of the famous Amer Fort is the ideal location for outdoor recreational and adventure activities in very close proximity to the city of Jaipur. The Camp is located at the foothills of the Aravali Range and surrounded by the wilderness of a reserved forest with no urban civilization in the vicinity, just a few hamlets housing the local villagers occupied by farming on the their fields bordering a pretty lake.
A local Rajput family who themselves reside in the area organize elephant, horse and camel safaris in the jungle using their beautiful home and camp as base as well as getting the guests to interact with the local farmers in the village.

The camp also provides meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner or just high tea of excellent quality and variety in a personalised environment and are fully equipped to cater to any number of people efficiently, while the elaborate bar serves the most exotic cocktails in a rustic yet luxurious atmosphere.



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